Listen to Britain (2017) - “It wasn’t until I started making this film that I discovered that Farzand Anwar wasn’t born in Great Britain...” Listen to Britain follows 2nd generation “immigrant” Farzand Anwar as he goes on a journey to discover what it means to be British in 2017. In the face of Brexit and increasing xenophobia within the country the definition of what it means to be British is constantly evolving. Set against the backdrop of London’s Speakers’ Corner, Farzand carries out 100s of interviews with the various characters that visit the famous Hyde Park site each week to argue, debate and express their views, armed just with the question “where are you from?”. The film has been screened at numerous international film festivals, including Manchester International Kinofilm Festival; Campania Ethnographic Film Festival, Naples; and Bolton International Film Festival.

Listen To Britain

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